Rudolph Qualifies for State After Injury

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Jordan Rudolph came into the last day of the 4A East Regional Track and Field Meet with hopes of going to the State Finals to compete in 2 events.

After the 100 meter hurdles, her dreams were almost shattered. She injured her left knee at the end of the race. She had the 300 meter hurdles left to run.

The top 8 from each event make it to the State Finals but you have to finish the race for that to happen. She crossed after the injury in the 100 meter hurdles. So as the other 7 ladies bolted out oft he blocks for the 300 meter hurdles, Jordan started her long walk around the track. She stopped at each hurdle and stepped over with her uninjured leg. Rudolph then swung her injured leg over while keeping it straight the whole time.

The crowd and other competitors clapping as she crossed the finish line in just under 4 minutes. The winner of the event and Rudolph's team mate Heidi Pfoor was the first to greet her with a hug. She did finish the race but because of her time, she is not on the heat sheet for the 300 hurdles for state. She is listed to compete in the 100 hurdles.

Stay tuned to CBS Newschannel 5 for updates on the State Track Meet and to see if Rudolph will run in the meet.

The status of her injury is unknown at this time.

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