Security measures at CFD

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - There are around 100 people on the security team at Frontier Park to keep everyone safe, and that doesn't even include volunteers.

Keeping people safe while having a good time is the key that the security committee strives for every day at CFD.

"Security, its primary functions are getting people on and off the park," said Ron Newnum, part of the security committee during CFD.

The security force is in charge of getting people in and out of the park safely including parking and the shuttles.

"Make sure they get in safely and coordinated, and when they're ready to leave get them back out to their cars safely again," said Newnum.

Bag checks are also an important part of the process to keep out unwanted items. "Our biggest concern are alcohol and weapons, but we also have pets that they try to bring in," said David Mills, a security worker at the front gate.

Even those weapons you can carry outside of the park, "We know what the Wyoming law says, but under our contract, and for the safety of the rest of our customers, we prohibit weapons of any kind," said Newnum.

No major security threats have happened to the park with the willingness and cooperation of the people coming in. "A lot of times we can joke with them and have some fun, they're always asking what are you looking for and we show them the list and they laugh and go no we don't have that one," said Mills.

"But we have worked again with police and homeland security and CST over the years," said Newnum.

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