Senior Citizen class graduates

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The graduating class of 2014 from Primrose Senior Center had a few more years on them than the typical class, but that didn't discourage their enthusiasm.

Primrose started their senior university to give their residents and older members of the community a chance to expand their knowledge.

"And this is just another piece that we just recently that we're very proud of and having great success," said Travis Lingenfelter, the director at Primrose.

Eleven seniors graduated Friday morning after taking classes that aren't normally offered to them. "We wanted to completely change that whole thought process, so we did a lot more fun and exciting activities," said Lingenfelter.

"One that was don day from the weather, and he explained the weather, clear back, centuries back," said Paula Qualls, a graduate.

They wore their caps and gowns, showing off their school colors, with pride. "I did know quite a few people so that just made it even more fun," said Qualls.

At the end of the semester, they took a final and came out with a valedictorian who answered all of the questions correctly.

"After the 10 classes we had a final exam, which was more of a fun exam, jeopardy format," said Lingenfelter

Primrose is the first senior center in Cheyenne to offer classes like this and Qualls said they helped her a lot, "its been a wonderful experience and i really encourage everyone to be in primrose senior university."

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