Sky walk gets green light from Cheyenne City Council Finance Committee

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Cheyenne, WY (KWGN) - Downtown Cheyenne is about to be a pretty busy place. The Cheyenne City Council Finance Committee voted unanimously to approve a development and lease agreement with WILLCO XI, the hotel's developer, which paves the way to build a sky walk from the hotel to the Jack R. Spiker parking garage.

Construction of the hotel and the sky walk are going to be simultaneous and are scheduled for October of this year. The city already has agreements in place with Alliance Construction to build the property and with the Wyoming Business Council for grant funding of the sky walk.

The business council needed more documentation to go forward with their grant proposal, which is what the development and lease agreement which were voted on today were for.

Cheyenne will receive just over $700,000 from the business council to help construct the sky walk, the city will then lease out that sky walk to the Hilton Hotel, where they will make their money back, and hopefully then some over the 20 year lease period.

Councilmen Jim Brown is very excited about all the downtown development, "'s an exciting time for the city of Cheyenne, it's the most exciting time and the most vibrant part of construction within the downtown area that I've seen on my town on the council."

With the construction of a new hotel, the possibility of a children's museum, the West Edge project, and a new Public Safety Center, good things are definitely coming to town.

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