Soccer Interest Growing in Cheyenne

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Soccer is known as the global game and this year's world cup has peaked an already growing interest in Cheyenne around the sport.
"We had a group of about 40 at our residence and there was people running up and down the stairs, screaming and it was a lot of excitement," said David Eldred, President of Cheyenne Soccer Club.
When the USA pulled ahead late in the match, celebrations erupted all over Cheyenne.
"We had 20 kids there at least and everyone was jumping around, hugging each other, screaming and I think I could feel the house shake when they scored, it was pretty cool," said Dawson Eldred.
"It was really loud in the room and we were all screaming and then everyone started chanting USA! USA!," said Ainsley Basich.
People all over Cheyenne are getting together to watch the World Cup, especially the USA and it's also inspiring kids to get out and play soccer.
"When I watch, I see them do different moves that I haven't seen and so I want to try them out," said McKell Ann Brenchley.
"It interests me move and I want to be like them and be great," said Makyleigh Howard.
"You see all these professional guys playing soccer and it makes you want to think I want to be them when I grow up," said Benny Eatmon.
Cheyenne's Soccer Club is the largest youth sports organization in Wyoming with over 1,700 members and it's growing every year.
"I feel like we had way more people try out than last year."
With 225 of its soccer club members playing competitively and continuing to grow, maybe in future World Cups we could be watching one of Cheyenne's own representing the United States.
The Cheyenne Soccer Club says its membership has gone up four percent over last year and its adult membership has gone up by five percent.

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