Botanic Gardens' Squirt Gun Fight

If you ever get a chance to visit the Botanic Gardens on a warm summer day, you might find flowers and trees being watered.

Aaron Sommers of Aquaman's Community Squirt Gun Fight says, "it's a fun way to water the plants."

During the "Summer of Power" program, you can definitely expect to get soaking wet in the mayhem.

Participants included "seniors, teens, kids, and grownups. All having an equal amount of fun equally wet."

And why not, after all, the water goes to good use.

Aquaman's Community Squirt Gun Fight is a fun and mischievous event marking the end of summer vacation. And before the water fight, some of the guests revealed who they planned on super-soaking.

Aden Coleman gleefully pointed and said, "my sister over there." And Jessica Delancy told us, "I hope a lot more people come to these. It's funner with more people."