Steam Engine Gives Rides

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Built in 1911 and still running strong. "It's 105 years old this year, and its a live steam locomotive," said John Rimmasch from the Cheyenne Steamers.

The steam engine is no ordinary locomotive. "It's an original locomotive built for theme park and amusement park type of use," said Rimmasch.

'It;s a little smaller than a normal steam engine, but it doesn't lack spirit. "You throw coal in it, it boils water, the whistle works, smoke comes out. It's the real thing its just smaller," said Rimmasch.

The plan is to make the attraction larger. "We're going to have a ferris wheel, a carousel, maybe a tilt-a-whirl, and the idea is to build an old style theme park," said Rimmasch.

But for right now its the perfect activity for a fun day off. "It's really a family oriented activity that we're trying to build here," said Rimmasch.

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