A Guide to the Storm Tracker 5 Interactive Radar

Here is an example of the Storm Tracker 5 Interactive Radar.
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Cheyenne, WY - The Storm Tracker 5 Interactive Radar, located on the kgwn.tv weather page, is a powerful and interactive tool that helps you track rain, snow and severe weather from your own computer. The radar is also located on our new smart phone app that is available in the Itunes store, android store & Google Play.

You can track large winter storms moving across the country or zoom in to track the severe storm in your neighborhood.

The Storm Tracker 5 Interactive Radar has many tools that can help you better understand what kind of weather may be heading your way. The tools that are available to you are the same tools that the Storm Tracker 5 Weather team uses to track incoming storms.

This radar tool not only allows you to view live radar, but plot lightning strikes and overlay severe weather alerts. You can even turn off the radar layer and view live satellite data by clicking on "clouds".

You can animate the radar by selecting the play button on the the lower left side of the screen. This feature will help you track how fast and the where the storm is moving. You can step through the animation one frame at a time by selecting the buttons next to the play button.

The storm cell feature will make it easier for you to identify the threats within each individual storm. By clicking the icon you can see if the primary of an approaching thunderstorm is hail or just heavy rain. You can also mouse over the icon to see the storms expected track and when it will arrive at a certain location.

If you have an interest in hurricanes, you can toggle the hurricane feature during hurricane season. This will give you additional information on where and how strong the storm could become.

The Storm Tracker 5 Interactive Radar also has a futurecast feature. By pressing the Future button on the upper right part of the screen, you will be able to view a model simulation of what kind of weather may be on the horizon. You can have the futurecast display precipitation and cloud cover, snow and ice accumulation, rainfall amounts, temperatures, wind speeds, humidity and the "feels-like" temperature.

When using the futurecast feature, you should remember that everything you see is only a model depiction of what may be on the horizon. Although models are useful tools, they will never be able to generate a 100% accurate picture.

Remember to watch CBS NewsChannel 5 for the latest weather forecast by the Storm Tracker 5 Weather Team. When the weather turns nasty, be sure to use the Storm Tracker 5 Interactive Radar as it is a powerful tool that could help keep you and your family safe.

An example of the Alerts Overlay feature.