Streetscaping may begin soon in downtown Cheyenne

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Walking along the streets of downtown Cheyenne you’ll see that it’s like any other.

"You have the sidewalks and the areas where they can sit and walk,” said Sreyoshi Charkraborty, a planner at Metropolitan Planning Organization.

As the city grows and changes the city is trying to keep the local charm alive.

Gerry Inniss is the owner of 2 Doors Down and Pizzeria Venti. He feels a project like this would be a helpful boost for his business.

"If it would draw more traffic than that's certainly what we're looking for," said Inniss.

The streets are the main focus of this renewal project. “Making them more attractive, basically enhancing the streetscape,” said Chakraborty. Making them more walkable and friendly

"We need to have a good appearance of what we're all about, with tourists that come to Cheyenne they look to downtown," said Inniss.

The project is just in the beginning stages, but will hopefully be underway soon. "Some of the quick fixes could happen sooner rather than later,” said Matt Ashby, the Cheyenne City Planning Director.

Once it has begun, the funding will be the next challenge. "There are agencies that can fund downtown projects and have funded in the past like DDA and Visit Cheyenne," said Chakraborty.

"As small businesses its hard for us to withstand an extended period of time without revenue," said Inniss.

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