Surprise Soldier Return at South High

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- Pfc. Dominick Apodaca returned home to Wyoming after almost 10 months overseas, serving in Bahrain.

He is a member of the 133rd Engineer Company Army National Guard.

Apodaca's girlfriend and parents have known he was set to return on February 13 for quite some time.

But few others knew that, in fact Apodaca and his mom Vangie, told Dominick's sister Lexie that he would be returning two weeks after the rest of his fellow soldiers because he had to receive treatment for a back injury he sustained over seas.

So when the rest of his company came home, Lexie didn't expect to see Apodaca, who had arranged with News Channel 5 a surprise.

Lexie plays basketball for South High School and the team was preparing for a couple of big games, just days away. That made the appearance of the media at a basketball practice no surprise.

The surprise came, just as Lexie started to talk about the match up, when Dominick surprised her from behind.

The reaction is priceless.

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