The Cheyenne Animal Shelter's first annual Kitten Shower

Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Spring had sprung and that means that kitten season is upon us. From April well into the summer months the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is flooded with homeless cats, many of which are brand new kittens that cannot be properly cared for by their mother.

This increase of “bottle baby” kittens leads to an increased need for kitten meal replacement, kitty litter, syringes, towels, blankets and much more.

To help combat the increase we are asking for kitten specific donations for the next week (March 31st – April5th). Any and all donations can be brought into the Cheyenne Animal Shelter any day of the week from 8am to 6pm. At the end of this donation week we will be holding our 1st Annual Kitten Shower in the CAS Community Room from 2-4pm. During this event we will be accepting donations, giving shelter tours, creating new kitten starter kits and signing up foster families.

Foster families are critical for kitten season. All “bottle baby” litters must be sent to a home with a qualified foster family until they are old enough, weigh enough and are healthy enough to be on the adoption floor. During the month of April the Cheyenne Animal Shelter will be holding a Foster Family Frenzy during which we have set a goal to sign up 10 new individuals/families to become foster parents.

Please help the Cheyenne Animal Shelter properly care for as many kittens as possible during the upcoming months by donating kitten specific items, or join us at the 1st Annual Kitten Shower April 5th, 2014 from 2-4pm.

Some of the Items needed: Karo Syrup, Kitten Formula Shampoo, Nursing Bottles, 1 or 3 mL syringe, Quick Read Thermometer Flea Comb, Gloves, Rubbing Alcohol, Digital Scale, Kitten Food Litter, Littler Boxes, Bowls, Towels, Toys, Beds, Washcloths

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