The Future of FE Warren

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Cheyenne, WY(KGWN)- FE Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne is looking better than ever after having undergone five months of changes. "Things are improving I'll say dramatically," said Major General Jack Weinstein.

All because Major General Weinstein is planning for the future of the nuclear missile corps. "It's a nationally significant mission. The ICBM force is really the bedrock of our nation," said Major General Weinstein.

The Force has received over $50 million in grants to improve a variety of areas. "Some are quality-of-life items but others are what's necessary for supplies equipment sustainment activities for the missiles to really help the maintainers," said Major General Weinstein.

The future is also looking good for the hardworking men and women of the base, thanks to bonuses. "This is the most important mission in the United States Air Force. Those people need to be compensated for their support to our nation," said Major General Weinstein.

Support that is needed following tensions with Russia and North Korea. "I have a very smart person that told me that the Cold War may be over but the threat remains," said Major General Weinstein.

But Weinstein says the future of Warren is as strong as the present.
"I see for the future of FE Warren is the importance that it has in 2014 will be the same importance it has in 2025," said Major General Weinstein.

And as the past shows, Warren's future is Cheyenne's future. “The base and the city formed on the exact same day bringing the railroad through,"said Major General Weinstein.

Ties that bind and strengthen both communities, "I think we have a very strong community now. I'm excited about what's coming up," said Major General Weinstein.

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