The Valentine's Day Capital of the State

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Hartville, Wyoming sits quietly in the bluffs about 2 hours north of Cheyenne. It only has a population of 76 people, and there's really only one main street through the community, but as small as it is, it is big time when it comes to Valentine's Day.

In 1997, Friends of Hartville started the tradition of creating a new valentine's day stamp every year, this coupled with the Pony Express picking up valentine's day cards around the community and hand delivering them with the Pony Express stamp to the Hartville post office, has made the whole process a pretty hot commodity.

This year, over 1,000 recipients in 43 states, six countries and several military bases around the world will receive valentine's day cards bearing the Hartville stamp.

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