Thunderbirds soar over Cheyenne

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - It didn't matter where you were this morning, you probably saw, or at least heard, the Thunderbirds putting on their air show at LCCC. The Thunderbirds missed out on last year's CFD show due to the sequestration, but were back at this year before a record crowd.

The show was scheduled for a 9:30 AM start, but patchy fog and heavy cloud cover caused an hour delay as officials tried to wait for the sky to clear. The late start and cloudy conditions didn't deter anyone's anticipation though as there were almost 15,000 people at the show according to LCCC officials.

Teron Schaeffer & Hannah Young came to watch the show and weren't disappointed, saying,

" was breathtaking, it was a wonderful show. I've never seen their show before and it was so worth it to come."

There have been some grumblings though with some people thinking that the show is just a waste of tax payer dollars, but that certainly wasn't the sentiment today. Rod Fries came all the way from Sidney, Nebraska and said,

"...this is worth it, I mean this is... keeps the public and the folks involved in the military and keeps the support going I think. So no, I think this is necessary."

And Steven and Lisa Thorne of Estes Park say that if your patriotism is stirred at all by the thought of seeing the Thunderbirds or even the Blue Angels, that you need to come see them. In fact, Steve and Lisa took their son when he was 7 to see them and when he did, he said he wanted to be a pilot. That was many years ago, but now... he's a pilot in the US Air Force.

So while some may think they are waste of government money, others view them as our patriotism on display, but no matter what you think, no one can deny that today's show was outstanding.

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