Thursday Recap of Nathaniel Castellanos Murder Trial

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The Nathaniel Castellanos murder trial resumed Thursday with more witnesses taking the stand. Mark Draper, a former neighbor of Castellanos was in his backyard having a cigarette the night of the murders when he claims to have heard a woman screaming, followed by gun shots. He then went into the house and locked the door. After brushing his teeth, he returned to bed with his wife and told her what he had heard. He then claims to have heard sirens. It was then that he heard footsteps in his backyard. He called his police officer uncle who lived up the street to come over. Once he had arrived, they searched the backyard and found no one. The next day, Draper claims to have found marks on his fence which he believes were from someone jumping over it the night before.

The prosecutors argued that the fence was nearly 6 feet high, and it would be difficult to jump over. Draper also didn't hear anyone jump the fence, just the footsteps.

Cheyenne Police Departments Officer Eddy then took the stand for the second time in this trial. This time, the interrogation tape of him interviewing Castellanos was played. During the interview, Castellanos was asked several questions, repeatedly denying any wrong doing.

More witnesses are scheduled to take the stand Friday morning.

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