Triumph High School permaculture conference

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- The Skills USA team at Triumph High School has made it their mission to spread awareness about permaculture and sustainability in Wyoming. The students have been working on the American Spirit Project since last June and have reached out to the community to make a difference.

Devir Andersen, Triumph senior and Vice President of Skills USA, has been a part of the project since it first started and said, "We're trying to influence people to get involved in the communities, to open up a culture that not a lot of people are involved with." He defined the term "permaculture" as permanent agriculture and hopes by spreading awareness, the community will learn more sustainable and energy saving ways of life.

The students held their Permaculture Conference on Saturday, March 12, and offered several energy saving workshops for the public. The workshops included everything from beekeeping to fermentation to worm composting.

Advisor, Michelle Aldrich, said it's all about, "trying to get people from the community, students and industry people together to talk about permaculture and sustainable ways of life."

Aldrich's husband, Andy Aldrich, also agrees and said the change is going to happen soon. He said, "Wyoming is in a transition from heavily fossil fuel-based industries to more diverse and that I think we're going to be looking at more diverse ways to conserve fuel and to diversify our economy."

The team plans to bring their project to the April Skills USA State Competition in Casper and hopes to not only do well, but to also make a difference. Andersen said, "We're trying this for the first time and going to try and keep this going annually. We hope that it's only going to get bigger and better."