Uden Jury Selected, Trial Begins

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Thursday afternoon the 12 jurors that will hear the case of Alice Uden were selected after three days of questioning.
Leigh Anne Manlove led off the trial by giving the opening statement for the prosecution.
"The state will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant, Alice Uden, unlawfully, purposefully, and with premeditated malice, killed Ron Holtz," Manlove said.
The defense followed with their opening statement where they claimed abuse from Ronald Holtz directed at his wife, Alice Uden, and Erica, Uden's daughter from a previous marriage.
The defense claims Uden was forced to shot Holtz to protect her daughter from harm.
"But he wasn't there to burp her ladies and gentlemen. He wasn't there to read her a nighttime story. He was there to do harm to her and Alice stopped him," said Don Miller, defense attorney.
The prosecution called the first witness of the trial, Lonnie TeBeest, a former employee of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.
TeBeest has worked on the murder since 1999 and interviewed Uden about the case in 2005. He claims Uden nearly fell off her chair when he brought up the name Ronald Holtz.
"Her first verbal response was right in there, she said, 'My kids told you'," said TeBeest.
TeBeest also stated Uden failed to mention her marriage to Ronald Holtz during their interview. Uden says she didn't feel like a real marriage because it was so short.
Judge Steven Sharpe says he expects the trial to last until the end of next week.

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