Uden takes Witness Stand for Own Trial

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - Day three of testimony in the trial of alleged murderer Alice Uden featured testimony from Uden herself.
The prosecution continued to paint a picture of a premeditated murder as they called their final witnesses to prove Ronald Holtz was shot in the back of the head while sleeping.
"The direction of travel is definitely back to front. There are some fractures in the left orbit of the skull that support that's where the bullet went as well so back to front probably right to left," said Dr. James Wilkerson.
Using the actual skull with the top sawed off, forensic pathologist, Dr. James Wilkerson showed with a trajectory rod that it was consistent with someone who's laying down.
But as defense cross-examined, Dr. Wilkerson also said the trajectory could be consistent with someone sitting down in a chair or bending over while standing. Alice Uden claims Ronald Holtz was bending over her daughter's crib to harm her when Uden shot Holtz.
In the afternoon, the defense called their first witness, the defendant, Alice Uden who nearly broke down short after questioning began.
Ron Holtz had been honorably discharged in 1970 from the military for numerous psychiatric problems, including hypertension and threats of suicide.
Uden gave accounts of abusive behavior against her, then one day, Holtz came home from work, laid down to rest and her 2-year-old daughter began to cry.
"He was very angry and was moving pretty rapidly. He said 'I'm going to kill her'," Uden said.
Uden said she then grabbed her .22 caliber rifle and intended to kill Ron Holtz to protect her daughter.
"I tried to stop him and he knocked me down and ran into her bedroom. I was by the mop closet and I had a gun in there and I grabbed it and followed right behind him and shot him in the back of the head," Uden said.
Prosecution will continue their cross-examination of Uden on Tuesday.

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