University of Wyoming Veteran Services are expanding

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Marty Martinez knows a little something about veterans. He's one himself."I was in the Wyoming National Guard," he said.

He's also the senior project coordinator for the still developing veteran services center at the University of Wyoming. His job is to help veterans make lifestyle adjustments. "Coming from a very structured military lifestyle to a very unstructured college student lifestyle," he said.
The program began four years ago and is making huge leaps in tracking the university's veteran services. "the student advisor relationship is so important.” Before the Veteran Services Center, the university struggled with that, "I'm real proud of the university.
It’s really easy to say we're veteran friendly, it’s much harder to prove it."
Right now, there are about 600 students enrolled that qualify as veterans, but the services center sees around 5000 people each year, "We've grown since the time we were established and we need a bit of a bigger space," said Dolores Cardona, the interim Dean of Students.

The center is continuing to improve their reach across campus, which in the past has been limited.

They're also partneringwith other departments to make sure each veteran student's voice is heard and is accounted for. “And it’s critical for students to be able to be comfortable in that, to know that the advisor is there to assist them," said Martinez.

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