Urban revitalization is coming to Cheyenne

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- Urban renewal is the goal of the new West Edge revitalization project. The hope is to reduce flood risk, increase the environmental outlook of the city, and add new businesses.

"Its a project that includes all of those components because that’s what is needed for a reinvigoration of the area," said Rob Geringer, Cheyenne City Engineer.

The west edge includes the area of northwest Lincolnway, east of MLk Jr. Park, west of Central Avenue and south of 25th street.

"When you have a better overall appearance, people are more likely going to want to visit," said Cheyenne resident Lori Way.

The city engineers are working closely with the city council to make sure these plans move forward as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The first thing they plan on working on is the storm water management to protect what is already there.

"We will be looking in to what we can do to revitalize in an urban way but still keep the local Cheyenne flavor," said Geringer.

The city plans on paying for this through grants it has already received and future ones it plans on requesting.

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