Wednesday Recap of Nathaniel Castellanos Murder Trial

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The Nathaniel Castellanos murder trial resumed Wednesday with more witnesses taking the stand. Dr. Michael Burson was the first to take the stand. He was the the private pathologist that worked on Megan McIntosh. He research found that Megan was shot from at least 18 inches away. Based off the direction the bullet went after penetrating her head, he was able to determine that it struck something else before contacting her head.

He determined this to be her left hand. Based off entry and exit wound on Megan's hand, and the entry wound on her head, he was able to determine the trajectory of the bullet to come from an upward angle. This means that the shooter was either at an elevated position, or Megan was bent over, leaning towards the shooter.

Dr. Deborah Davis was the next witness to take the stand. Dr. Davis is a professor of psychology at the University of Nevada Reno. Her researched argued that the way a question is phrased can affect the answer given in response. She argued that if an interview is given by an untrained person, they can alter and influence the answers given.

Further, Dr. Deborah pointed out that memories traumatic events can change over time. This can also be influenced through serious blows to the head, such as Amber McGuire had. In some cases, people have even developed false memories. This point is crucial in the defenses case, as they are arguing that McGuires memory of the night was altered, and this is why she believes the shooter was Castellanos. The prosecutors pointed out that Dr. Davis has testified at approximately 75 court cases, and never for the prosecution. They also argued that in Ambers case, there is no accurate way to check if her memories of the night are in fact false memories. Because of this the prosecutors argued it would be subjective to suggest they had been.

More witnesses are scheduled to take the stand Thursday.

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