Witnesses Take Stand in Castellanos Murder Trial

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Witnesses took the stand Thursday in the Nathaniel Castellanos murder trial. Officer Eddy of the Cheyenne Police Department was one of the first to respond on scene. Thursday on stand, he gave his detailed recollection of that night beginning with responding to a gun shot call. Once on scene, Officer Eddy immediately heard another gun shot.

As he then made his way around to the back of the house in an attempt to secure the area, he came across a window. Through the window, he was able to identify Nathaniel Castellanos. He then ordered Castellanos to walk to the back porch with his hands up, where he then secured him. It was there that Castellanos told him that there was someone in the basement, and that they may be armed.

Officer Eddy then worked his way into the kitchen where he found the aftermath of an apparent gun fight finding two victims with gun shot wounds to the head, and a third victim against the wall breathing heavily. Officer Eddy then testified that he would go on to search the remainder of the house but find no one else there.

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