World War II Display at Cheyenne VA this week

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The 6th Infantry Division out of Cheyenne has made it their mission to keep the memory of what the veterans of World War II did for this country.
"We try to give them a bit of a history. Show them what it was like. Teach them what's not being taught in the schools anymore because it really needs to be kept alive," said Craig Anderson, a World War II re-enactor.
For some, the display serves as a reminder of sacrifices made.
For elementary school students, the re-enactors provide detailed accounts from a world they never knew.
"I didn't even know what a typewriter actually looked like and it was really cool to type with it. It's actually very strange and different," said Glory Hicks, 6th grade student.
"It was really cool. Everything was so old and different from how it is now. The phones are huge," said Katy Kozlowski, 6th grade student.
Everything from the trucks to the tents, down to the uniforms, is original. In fact, 99 percent of what they have was used during the World War II era.
"We try to remain as authentic as we possibly can with it all because that's what it's all about, keeping that authenticity and showing them that everything that we have led to today's technology and what we have today," Anderson said
The medical supplies, communications equipment, weapons and living quarters, it was all new to these students, but a lesson about our greatest generation they seemed to appreciate.
"It helps us see how much they did for our country and that it was hard for them because they didn't have a lot of nice stuff," said Kozlowski.
The World War II living history display will be open tomorrow and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the east lawn of the Cheyenne VA Medical Center. The display is free to the public.

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