Wyoming Already at 43 Highway Fatalities in 2014

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - In 2013, Wyoming's highways saw some of its fewest fatalities in the past 50 years, but 2014 has gotten off to a deadly start.
"We are up to 43 fatalities in the state of Wyoming since January 1," said Lt. Klief Guenther with Wyoming Highway Patrol.
The month of May alone has been especially bad with nine deaths in two weeks.
"We certainly had kind of a bad day yesterday with four fatalities occurring in the state of Wyoming in two different crashes," said Lt. Guenther.
The Wyoming Highway Patrol says it's unclear why so many lives have been lost this year on Wyoming's highways, but it's a number that's unacceptable to them and they plan on raising enforcement.
"All law enforcement agencies in Wyoming and around the country to some extent are all joining up and combining forces to ensure that our holiday seasons and our busiest times of the year are enforced," Lt. Guenther said.
While the crashes seem to be no more than a coincidence, Highway Patrol believes there is a reason many of these crashes are resulting in fatalities.
"The two basic concepts would be seat belt use and speed. Very, very common factor in fatality crashes. Those two aspects alone," said Lt. Guenther.
Highway Patrol can have a bigger presence on the roadways, but ultimately it's up those operating the vehicles to drive more safely.
"Hopefully this is not a trend that we're going to see a larger increase this year, but hopefully May will be an anomaly," Lt. Guenther said.

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