Wyoming Army National Guard’s 133rd Engineer Company Comes Home

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Laramie, WY (KGWN) - The Wyoming Army National Guard 133rd Engineer Company came home on Thursday to a crowd of hundreds. The soldiers, 162 in all, flew into Laramie Regional Airport. Their flight was slightly delayed due to strong head winds in the area.

For almost everyone, this was the first time they were seeing a loved one in more than a year. Some even brought their infant children who would be meeting their father for the first time in their short lives.

Hannah Robinson's husband Drew was gone for ten months, and on Thursday, he met his daughter Savannah for the first time. He said he was nervous to meet her and worried about being a first time dad. But now that he's home, he said he thinks it will be a little easier than he thought. "She seems pretty chilled out right now, I don't know, I think I will be pretty good at this," said Robinson.

Two University of Wyoming students were greeted not only by family, but by fellow sorority and fraternity sisters.

Members of the 133rd were also greeted by Governor Matt Mead and a handful of state representatives. The original plan was to bus about 30 House members to Laramie, but the bus crashed on it's way to Cheyenne. No one was injured.

The 133rd left Wyoming in April of 2013. They spent a month at Camp Shelby in Mississippi before being deployed to Bahrain. There they were stationed at the Isa Air Base.

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