Wyoming Celebrates 124th Birthday

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - On July 10, 1890, Wyoming became the 44th state and we'll be celebrating our 124th birthday in a few weeks time, but that didn't stop the party from starting a few weeks early at the Historic Governor's Mansion.

Superintendent of the Historic Governor's Mansion Christina Bird said
"...we are celebrating Wyoming statehood! 124 years being a state, we became a state July 10th, 1890, we're just kicking off the celebrations early."

And there was a great turnout for those celebrations today as the party featured live music, turn of the century games and reenactments by the Wyoming Girl Guard, World War II soldiers, snake oil salesmen and Edwardian ladies. There was a sack race, a potato race, an ice cream social, carriage rides, croquet, and even a scavenger hunt through the governor's mansion.

Secretary of State Max Maxfield was on hand as well as State Auditor Cynthia Cloud. People from around town and even out of town had a great time. Crystal White from Cheyenne said, "...this is really fun, like we've been doing the scavenger hunt and we had some ice cream and we've been touring the governor's mansion...it was really cool." Laura Griffith of Cheyenne also said, "...dressing up in the World War II gun & garb, that was fun..." And Catherine Duncan, whose mother lives in Cheyenne but she lives in San Angelo, Texas had a good time, "...love it, it's wonderful... I like it...it seems very family oriented."

The only thing that was really missing was a cake and candles, but who knows, maybe for Wyoming's 125th birthday party.

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