Wyoming Doing Well with 80 MPH Speed Limits

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - WYDOT finished putting up all the new 80 mile per hour signs last Thursday, just in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend.
Initial reports are in and drivers seem to be doing well with the increased speed.
When the calendar hit July, Wyoming officially became the third state in the county to have a speed limit posted above 75 miles per hour.
Utah and Texas had seen a lot of success with raising their speed limit and after one week Wyoming’s highway patrol hasn't noticed any problems with it either.
"They have not seen an increase in crashes so far with the 80 mph speed limit being implemented for about a week," said Sgt. David Wagener with Wyoming Highway Patrol.
The number of speeding citations has also stayed about the same.
Travelers we spoke to are enjoying the increased speed limit.
"Because Wyoming's so spread out it just makes sense because neighboring states have 80 mph speed limits so I think it works," said Brock Skaar.
But some motorists are still getting used to the new law.
"Motorists that are being stopped either in 75 zones or a lower superintendent zone they are having the excuse to the troopers that they thought they were still in the 80 mph zone," Wagener said.
Troopers say despite the newness of the law it's still up to the driver to realize the posted speed limits.
"They should not expect leniency if they are stopped and pulled over in those zones," said Wagener.
With the new speed limit troopers are seeing many drivers traveling between 83 to 85 miles per hour.
Highway Patrol says you are risking being pulled over if you choose to travel at that rate of speed.

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