Wyoming Drivers Need to Slow Down While Speeding Up

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WYOMING - On July 1 the Wyoming Department of Transportation began changing speed limit signs along three sections of Interstate 25 from 75 mph to 80 mph. In total the changes affected 268 miles of I-25, as well as 116 miles along three sections of I-80 and two sections of I-90 totaling 104 miles.

Within those last two weeks those 488 miles of Wyoming interstate highways has led to an increase in speeds, both legal and illegal. Which is why the Wyoming Highway Patrol is now emphasizing, 80 mph means 80 mph.

Troopers across the state that work in these 80 mph zones are reporting that motorists are pushing their speeds past the posted limit and are increasing the risk of being stopped.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Colonel John Butler emphasizes that "The safety and welfare of the motoring public is a priority to the Wyoming Highway Patrol and that the 80 mph speed limit will be strictly enforced."

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