Wyoming Expected to Debate Death Penalty Next Year

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - The Joint Judiciary Interim Committee is directing its staff to draft a firing-squad bill after a similar bill proposed by Senator Bruce Burns failed during this year's budget session.
Senator Floyd Esquibel of Cheyenne is a member of the committee and believes there should be debate on the topic as an alternative to lethal injection.
"This year we'd like to see a little bit more debate on whether to proceed in that direction or not because of the problem with obtaining the proper type of medication or drugs that have been needed," Esquibel said.
Esquibel took it one step further and said he believes there should be debate on getting rid of the death penalty all together.
His concern is putting someone to death who may not have committed the crime because you can't appeal once someone is put to death.
He also raised concerns over the cost of repeated appeals for those who are put on death row.
"Whether it's a firing squad, lethal injection or whatever it is that in regard to the appeals, regardless of the types, regardless of the method, you still have the appeals and the cost and the time. I don't know that we want to really go to that expense of the appeals. That's the reason I think that maybe life without parole might be a better alternative," said Esquibel.
Esquibel told NewsChannel 5 that Representative Steve Watt, a former highway patrolman who was shot in the line of duty, plans to introduce a bill during next year's general session to abolish the death penalty in Wyoming.

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