Wyoming Windfall project a success

Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - State Treasurer Mark Gordon announced that the "Wyoming Windfall" advertising program, which was recently completed, has reunited more than 1,400 owners with their unclaimed funds, totaling over $300,000.00.

"Wyoming Windfall" is the catch name for the Unclaimed Property Division of his office. Unclaimed funds which have been held by a company or by another state for a specified number of years and have not or cannot be paid to the owner are placed in protective custody by the State of Wyoming to safeguard and make a diligent effort to return the funds to the rightful owner, at no cost to the owner.

Gordon said, “Unclaimed money belongs in the hands of its rightful owners or heirs and I want to return it to them as quickly as possible.”

Since the passage of the 1993 Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, Wyoming has returned more than 41% of the funds received to the rightful owners or heirs. The funds are held in perpetuity until claimed.

Gordon cautioned that if anyone is contacted by a person or by a company that charges a fee to return funds to the rightful owner, that person is definitely not an employee of his office. If this happens to you, contact the Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer’s Office to see if the funds are held by the State. If so, we will return your funds at no charge.

To find out if the state is holding funds in your name, contact the Unclaimed Property Division at 307-777-5590 for a free search on all property currently held or visit www.wywindfall.gov.

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