Wyoming group sues over campaign finance laws

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Cheyenne,WY (KGWN) - Fundraising is crucial to any campaign. So what is a candidate expected to do when they can't raise any money while fellow candidates do just that? That was the question facing Jennifer Young and Don Wills. Young is the Constitution Party candidate for Secretary of State and Wills wants to donate to her campaign. But current laws prohibit Young or any third party candidates from fundraising until after the August 19th Republican primary.

Young and Wills approached Wyoming Liberty Group and on Wednesday attorneys for the group filed a lawsuit challenging Wyoming's campaign finance laws' constitutionality. Steve Klein a Wyoming Liberty staff attorney said the suit is a first amendment issue and is about more than just Young and Wills. "We're representing all minority party candidates in Wyoming not just one candidate for one race."

Klein added that it puts candidates like Young at a disadvantage because they can't accept as much money as candidates who can collect from the same donor twice, before and after the primary.

'I don't think it's a nefarious law, I think it's just poorly worded," Klein said.

Klein added the next step is to seek a preliminary injunction that would allow Young and other candidates to start raising funds without penalty.

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