Wyoming state line back up

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - WYDOT crews put up the Wyoming state-line sign on Wednesday after a two-week absence. The sign was down because a driver hit the post holding the sign at 75 miles an hour. The sign fell off and had to be completely replaced.

Dave Kingham with WYDOT said the signs are a Wyoming specialty and can't be replaced like typical highway signs. "They're handmade signs, the department of tourism actually decides what the signs look like but we have to make them and they're handmade so they can take a couple weeks to put up," said Kingham.

According to WYDOT the driver was from Wellington, CO. He was using cruise control when he went into diabetic shock and hit the pole. There were no injuries. According to WYDOT, it's likely he driver will be sent the bill for the $4,000 sign.

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