Wyoming teen drivers are putting down the phones

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- Stop texts and stop wrecks, a slogan that teens in Wyoming are taking to heart.

Damion Hurd is a new driver who says he'll never text and drive, "texting while driving can cause serious death or serious injury."

A new study ranks Wyoming as number one in the nation when it comes to laws against distracted teen drivers.

But thanks to a new slogan and increased awareness, Wyoming teens are beginning to put their phones away and watch the road, helping to save lives.

Unfortunately, there's another stat that isn't so good, drinking and driving."We see a lot of increase, especially around Frontier Days," said Dan Long of the Cheyenne Police Department.

When it comes to teens driving under the influence, Wyoming ranks near the bottom at 45th in the nation.

The starting cost of a DUI is $700, but that's not the only price to pay.
"Drinking and driving, you can hurt other people, you can kill other people, you can hurt the people in your car, you can hurt yourself. Its very dangerous," said Long.

All these are things to think about when hitting the road this summer.

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