Wyoming's Gender Gap

The Gala Planning Committee (left to right): Sarah Scott, Tami Radecke, Barbara Franklin, Debbie Metz, Jean Wade, Kathleen Heatwole, Karen Santos, Doris Clark, Omar Morgan, Arlene Macellaro, Kathy Mahnesmith and Gretchen Long. Missing from the photo are Christi Coiner, Virginia Gillock, Brett Hayes, Nancy Kyler and Laurie Landes.
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CHEYENNE (KGWN) - Wyoming is the first state that allowed women to vote, but today women are still struggling.

A new study shows of all 50 states, Wyoming is at the bottom of the rankings in terms of Women's Equality.

Wyoming Ranks 50th in Women's earnings, 39th in Educational attainment, and 40th for statewide unemployment.

That is why the state Workforce Department works to provide programs to help women advance in their careers.

"Training and awareness is a big thing. Partnering with our training providers, Wyoming Women's foundation, Climb Wyoming.

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