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The following tips are courtesy special education teacher Mark Douglas of STRIDE Learning Center.

One area STRIDE works on with the children is recognition of themselves: The classroom environment has mirrors at the child’s level so they can watch as they play by themselves or with peers.
You want the child to say words such as “ me, their name, boy or girl ”. Once they understand that the image in the mirror is their reflection and it is their body parts moving they learn what the movement looks like. Typical you will see the child pointing into a mirror starting around 15 months but understand all children grow at their own pace.

Another way we work on recognition is with pictures and letters. At the 2-3 year age level teams like to start with a picture and name when they check into the classroom. The child can identify themselves and letters in their name. At the 3-5 year age level the teams like to use their name only. This is the start of understanding letters in their name and letters in their environment that share the same letters. We like them to identify the first letter in their name and then move to the other letters in their name. Both strategies work on cognitive skills.

These are more styles using buses and circles. Teams use Velcro or magnets in this setting so the child can take their name off of the board and walk to another area in the room to check themselves in. At times this makes it easier for the child in transitioning into the classroom. This is the beginning of learning structure and daily routines. Again notice always that the children’s names are at level of sight for children, this makes it easier for the child to focus on the environment around them.

Again at STRIDE we place everything at the eye level of the child. These are a few of the children's art pieces hanging throughout the STRIDE hallways and rooms. We feel that this creates a fun interactive learning environment where the children can be proud of their art work.

This concept can be used at the home as well. The refrigerator is a great place to put pictures of friends and family. You can use inexpensive magnets and frames to hang pictures and artwork for the child to see. Letters and numbers are also a good idea on the fridge for daily reinforcement. Hanging their art work at their eye level they can see it all the time and be proud of what they have accomplished. Remember to have your child screened. STRIDE refers to this as the 1 before 2 screening. We will screen for vision, hearing and developmental skills in the four areas – cognitive, speech, motor and personal social. STRIDE 307-632-4084.

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