Health Alert

UW student treated for meningitis

West Nile Virus kills Fort Collins resident

Health Alert issued for Wyoming Gonorrhea increase

Wyoming health experts warn against blue-green algae blooms in lakes

Aerial flights planned to battle West Nile in Laramie County

CDC warns of a pool contamination alert

Report: Patients should know about unsterile surgical tools

Sexually Transmitted Diseases continue to be a problem in Wyoming

A horse disease has been found in Wyoming race horses

Travelers heading to Puerto Rico should be aware of Zika concerns

Hepatitis C Cluster Identified in Converse County

The first case of West Nile in Wyoming this year has been confirmed

Hepatitis A linked with nearby South Dakota restaurant

New synthetic drug has states rushing to stop spread

Advice on how to avoid West Nile Virus and Zika Disease


Cheyenne Extended Forecast