Big Country Speedway opens for the 2014 season Saturday

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Cheyenne-KGWN-The Big Country Speedway sits on South Greeley Highway just south of town.

It has been there since 1948 and for the last 66 years it has hosted short track racing every Saturday night in the summer.

The Wyoming Auto Racing Club puts on the races and for the president and vice president of the club the connection to the track goes back a long way.

"I've race pure stocks, super stocks, super pro trucks. I started in 1994 when I was 16 years old. 20 years later, Here I am." Said Mike Hughes, who is the Wyoming Auto Racing Clubs' Vice President.

"I have been hanging around the speedway since I was a little kid. My uncle flagged back in the day then he raced and since then I've had various family members that raced so, I have been around every Saturday night for the last 30 years." said WARC President Pamela Schliske

The fifth of a mile track has non-stop excitement. Whether it's taking off into turn 1 after the green flag or coming around turn 4 and seeing that checkered flag as you cross the finish line, Short track racing has to be one of the best forms of racing.

"Big tracks they can get where they call it training. Where there is one right behind the other. They just look like a train going around. Short Track is very different. Short Track racing it all happens in a flash of an eye. So you'll have a guy side by side. All of the sudden they are around in the corner and one of them is in the infield because they just ran out of race track and there's no place to go." said Schliske

"It's very small and it's not big and you're not spread out. You're on top of each other for a whole race. So, it's a lot more fun I think." said Hughes.

The excitement has not been here in the last few years but the WARC stepped in and wants to fill the stands every weekend.

"You just have to just reach out to the racers you know that have cars sitting which Mike is doing. Trying to get them back out with their cars. Try to keep the home town race track alive. Too many home town race tracks are dying off anymore. You do anything that you can."

If you want to have some fun Saturday night, Come out to Big Country Speedway. First green flag set to drop right after 6pm.

The racing season officially begins in Cheyenne Saturday. Pits will open at noon and the gates open to fans at 3pm.

There will be several classes represented on Saturday including Mini Stock, Pure Stock, and Grand American Modified. Super Stock is expected to be the final class of the day.

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