BreAnn Adkison: Business Woman, Racecar Driver

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- Owning your own business isn't easy.

23-year-old BreAnn Akison runs an esthetics clinic at Fantastic Sams in Cheyenne.

"I think for being as young as she is, she's doing great, she owns her own business," said Stephanita Vance, a stylist at Fantastic Sams.

That is an impressive accomplishment for such a young woman.

"I don't see anything but success for her, because she drives herself to that point," said Carol Adkison, BreAnn's mother.

Carol is more than just mom to BreAnn, she's owner of the Fantastic Sams BreAnn operates her business from and also co-owner, team manager and PR rep of DC Racing.

It's the latter of these two businesses that really brings mom and daughter together.

BreAnn is the main driver for DC Racing.

The genesis of the team, came from sadness.

"We had a good friend, Stan Thomas," said Dan Adkison, BreAnn's father and crew manager of DC Racing. "He was a racecar driver, drove Grand Americans."

BreAnn looked up to Thomas.

"He was definitely my idol and my hero as a race car driver," Adkison said.

Dan and Carol were sponsors of Thomas on the racetrack.

But then came the phone call.

"He passed away the year that I was graduating from esthetics school," Adkison said.

The death of a close friend is never easy.

"It was a big hit to BreAnn, she was really close to him," Dan said.

The passing of Thomas, lead to the birth of an idea.

"We were all at the funeral," Carol said. "BreAnne said, 'that was the one thing I always wanted to do, was race a racecar.'"

The entire Adkison crew was on board.

"We had a car built in three weeks," BreAnn said. "I started in the Warrior division."

Adkison was the 2011 rookie of the year at Big Country Speedway, but her winning tradition is years in the making.

She spent most of her youth playing competitive fast-pitch softball.

"I even went overseas and played," Adkison said. "I actually pitched the championship game against Germany and won the gold medal, so that was pretty cool."

There's always been a duality to Adkison's personality.

"She can be just as girly and foo-foo with the ponytails, and then go outside and get grease all over her face," Carol said.

In 2013, after trying out racing in a Super Stock, Adkison made the switch full time to racing in the Legend's class.

"My dad and I have always enjoyed the Legend class," Adkison said. "They're fun, they're constantly battling back and forth and they're quick cars."

Dan added, "I don't think there's a more competitive class in probably this whole Front Range area, all the way from Gering, Nebraska to Albuquerque."

Adkison finished 10th in points in the Rocky Mountain Legend Racing Association in 2013, and was the Wyoming Legend state champion.

Life on the racetrack hasn't always been easy for Adkison.

"Women are always going to be the underdog.. (she) took a lot of heat from some guys out there, that she was beating and competing with," Dan said.

What gets BreAnn through the hard times is simple.

"Hanging out with my family and being with my family is just the best thing I could ask for," Adkison said.

Setting a positive example is important to Adkison and she has a message for young girls.

"You don't have to be the ideal person that these magazines portray you to be," Adkison advises. "You can be your own person and even be a racecar driver if you want to be."

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