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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- The News 5 sports team catches with Cowboys first year head coach Craig Bohl and Director of Sports Performance Zach Duval:

I want to talk about what you've done with the weight training program, Zach Duval, who you know from your time at Nebraska, has instituted. Talk just about the importance of that for establishing what Cowboy football is gonna be like going forward and what your expectations are for your players. And I wanna ask you if it's fair to say, that perhaps this off season is the most important that you'll ever have here at Wyoming, is that fair to say?

I think this off season could probably have the biggest significant difference. What we've really done with our players is changed how they approach the training regimen. So much of what they do, not only with the lifting and the running, but is incorporating the nutrition element. And developing discipline, making sure our players understand what to eat, when to eat and why they're eating that. And then Coach Duval did some old school things at the beginning portion of our 9 week regimen. And then along with that, we've done extensive amount of measuring our lean muscle mass, cutting our body fat down. And if you take a broad-based approach and each guy improves 2 percent, well that's a huge difference when you look at that. Two percent on each player and you multiply that through your football team, you're gonna have a leaner stronger more agile football team.

Here with Zach Duval the man responsible for the off season training program here at the University of Wyoming. Coach it's sort of becoming the stuff of legend. Talk about some of the things that you were trying to do when you first got in here with these guys in the off season.

Number one, was kind of get a baseline for these guys. We started off the system with a get to know you, form a relationship with the players, get to know what they like, what they disliked. Basically, get a feel for who they were and what they wanted to accomplish. And then we set forth to get the baseline data. How much body fat does their body carry? How much lean muscle mass?

It's pretty complicated stuff, what is your background in this stuff?

I'm exercise physiology, from the University of Nebraska and then biomechanics, so I'm an engineer of the body.

Is there anyway to kind of explain who doesn't obviously have the background that you do what exactly it is you're doing to try and cut down on the body fat numbers and just make these guys bigger stronger and faster all at the same time?

Zach Duval
Yeah, we would relate that to, kind of an Indy car, so with all of our athletes we're trying to increase the size of the engine.
The engine is the muscle, so the more muscle we can put on them, the bigger engine they can create inside their frame.

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