Cowgirls Soccer Set to Kick Off

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Laramie, WY (KGWN)- The road back to the Mountain West Tournament will be a long one, the circumstances along the way less than ideal.

Pete Cuadrado is entering his third season at the helm of the Wyoming Cowgirls soccer team.

2013 was a good year for his team, with its fair share of ups and downs.

There was the high that came when the Pokes beat San Diego State University 2-1, issuing the Aztecs their first regular season Mountain West loss in two years.

The season didn't end the way the Cowgirls wanted though.

After a heart-stopping shootout win over UNLV in the opening game of the Mountain West Tournament , the Cowgirls were unceremoniously knocked out the next day in a 3-0 defeat to Boise State.

"The ultimate goal is to win the Mountain West," said senior defender, Kristin Howard. "But I personally want to beat Boise State, just 'cause, like, I'm bitter from them beating us and kicking us out of the tournament."

College teams take on a new look every season as seniors move on.

This time a new look will mean a new mentality.

Wyoming graduated its top three goal scores from last season's roster.

Lucie McDowell, Sara Paul, and Liz O'Reilly accounted for 18 of 31 goals scored in 2013.

That's a lot of lost production, but Cuadrado isn't worried.

"I don't see us giving up a goal or two in a game, where sometimes we did that in the past," Cuadrado said. "I expect us to get a lot of clean sheets this year."

The experience level for the Cowgirls has shifted from the front line to the back end.

Out of six seniors, four play either defense, midfield, or as is the case for Alex Boehm, goaltender.

Boehm made 69 saves in 2013, saving 70.4% of shots taken.

Cuadrado brings in a big class of freshman, nine in all, to add to this season's roster.

"I've seen some good attributes from them [freshman], and I think they'll really help us this year," said Kasey Curtis.

You will see Curtis in a different role this season.

She played mostly as a defensive midfielder last year but will play more forward for the Cowgirls this year.

"I'm ready to score some goals," Curtis said with a smile, bouncing up on her toes.

"All we need is one [goal] with this team," Cuadrado said.

Wyoming's season opener is August 16th in Golden, CO against Colorado School of Mines.

The Cowgirls only play six games at home this year, out of 20.

First home game is August 24th against Montana.