Craig Bohl Talks Tight Ends

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- Graham Hunter
Let's talk one of the things that's going to be a major difference for Cowboys fans, they're really gonna notice right away is the tight end position, didn't have a lot of guys on the roster that are familiar with that position. Talk a little bit about what you've seen at that position, we hear a little bit about Eric Nzechoa, JD Krill, another guy, the only senior that you have currently listed at that position.

Craig Bohl
Well Eric we've moved inside and JD's done a nice job there but so much of it is a learning curve. The tight end in a prostyle offense is a really critical component. For these guys it's a great opportunity. Along with that opportunity, a big big challenge. Because there's an awful lot of new learning that comes into play. But we're well pleased. I think we're gonna need to continue to fortify that position. Many times we've run two and sometimes three tight ends. So we're gonna continue to recruit to that position and develop the guys that we have right now on our football team.

Graham Hunter
Let's talk about a couple of the guys that will be coming in, that will play that role down the road. Brinker Jolly and a guy in Grant Lewis, who I spoke to on the phone, very well-spoken that seems to kind of fit your mold of very intelligent football players that you wanna try and bring in here so talk about those guys just a little bit.

Craig Bohl
It's difficult to project, however, off of high school tape we signed three guys and all three of them are a little bit different in their size and their stature and what they bring to the table. Typically, we're not gonna sign three tight ends but we felt like a couple of those guys will probably play as true freshman. I think with their physical skill and maturity, we're optimistic