East Prepares for State Wrestling

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- The East High School wrestling team finished third at the 4A East Regional Tournament in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The Thunderbirds won four championships while in Sheridan and in the team's final week of preparation, head coach Thad Trujillo knows there isn't much more to learn and that it's just time to hit the mat.

"The hays already in the barn as they say, and kids just have to go out and wrestle," Trujillo said.

Brody Cress was the Regional champ at 132lbs defeated cross-town rival Nathan Parris from Central.

Cress isn't thinking about the rematch yet.

"I'm not really worried about who i'm wrestling," Cress said. "I'm just kinda taking one match at a time and if that is who I see then it is and I'm just gonna wrestle him (Parris) the same way that I would anybody else."

Brett Schaeffer earned his Regional title with a win over Micah Burke from South.

Schaeffer wrestled at 220lbs as a junior but made the move to heavyweight this season.

"It's a lot smarter and usually pins don't happen very often and it's not real high scoring matches," Schaeffer said. "A one point lead is huge so take downs first period are always the biggest thing and that's what I focus on first."

Tevis Bartlett is a two-time high school state champion and will compete for a third at 220lbs this year.

"He provides a lot of leadership as far as his experience at events like this," Trujillo said. "A lot of the kids look up to him and rightfully so.I mean he works hard and he's accomplished at everything he does, so he's just a great asset to our team."

Past success hasn't clouded Bartlett's mind.

"You still gotta kind of be weary because it's not like a basketball game where you can be up 30 points and they can hit a three and you're still gonna win," Bartlett said. "You could be up 14 to oh and they catch you and pin you. So you still gotta be weary but i'm definitely confident going into state.

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