East and Central highlight busy day for High School Basketball

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The Cheyenne East Boys and Girls basketball teams complete the sweep of Central. The Thunderbirds girls and boys win by a combined 44 points. So, both trophies will reside at East High School for the next year.
Coach Jeff Bailey of the East boys said this after the game. "Well that has been another emphasis of our team the entire year...to guard and to do a better job of help side defense.We had great vision today on the ball.Josh is a great player.He got loose a few times. But for the most part as a team we did a good job of containing and forcing them to shoot some pretty tough shots."

East Girls Senior Guard Rachel Erickson said, "This part of conference , we just really came together as a team and decided we aren't going to win by 15.We know we can blow this team out.
So we were going to keep pushing and pressing pressing pressing and pressing and that's just what we did.We could've laid back once we were ahead by 20 but we decided why not go out our final game and final rivalry game for all the seniors.We just wanted to go out with a bang."
Coach Rusty Horsely loves the fact in which they swept the Lady Indians. "It's nice. It's tough playing them and they are always good and they are well coached.There is a lot of pride and tradition in this game.And for them to bring the trophy home to us is a really nice thing."

While both the rivalry games were going on, The South Bison Boys team had to face Cody Kelley and the Gillette Camels. If you missed this one, you missed to great performances by Kelley and Cummings.

Cummings finished with a school record 33 and Kelley topped him by scoring 40. Gillette wins 83-70

Here are the rest of the Scores from Saturday February 15th Courtesy Wyoming Preps

Class 4A:

#1 Gillette 83 Cheyenne South 70 (Cody Kelley of Gillette with 40 points. Kyler Cummings of South with 33)

#2 Kelly Walsh 48 Evanston 41

#3 Cheyenne East 49 Cheyenne Central 35

#4 Sheridan 67 Laramie 57

Natrona 72 Green River 32

Class 3A:

#2 Cody 58 Lyman 29

Buffalo 80 #3 Rawlins 77 OT

#4 Lander 48 Jackson 44

#5 Powell 57 Mountain View 27

Newcastle at Glenrock

Worland 62 Torrington 42

Star Valley 79 Pinedale 41

Class 2A:

#1 Wyoming Indian 67 #2 Big Piney 58

#3 Lusk 60 Pine Bluffs 46

#4 Greybull 72 #5 Big Horn 57

Tongue River 56 Wright 47

Southeast 59 Lovell 50

Saratoga 66 Burns 57

Rocky Mountain 51 Riverside 38

Wind River 72 Kemmerer 63

Shoshoni at Thermopolis – Cancelled! Shoshoni had a water main break and students have not been in school the past few days, thus they have not been able to practice.

Class 1A:

#1 Burlington 58 Dubois 43

#2 Guernsey-Sunrise 58 H.E.M. 43

#3 Little Snake River 64 Farson-Eden 46

#4 Kaycee 52 Lingle-Ft. Laramie 45

St. Stephens 68 Ten Sleep 57

Class 4A:

#1 Sheridan 49 Laramie 38

#2 Natrona 67 Green River 20

#3 Gillette 76 Cheyenne South 31

#4 Cheyenne East 71 Cheyenne Central 41

Kelly Walsh 49 Evanston 30

Class 3A:

#1 Torrington 52 #5 Worland 48

#3 Rawlins 46 Buffalo 40

Mountain View 24 #4 Powell 21

Lyman 43 Cody 35

Lander 70 Jackson 51

Star Valley 50 Pinedale 28

Class 2A:

#1 Tongue River 53 Wright 27

#2 Kemmerer 57 Wind River 46

#3 Lovell 43 #4 Southeast 36

Big Horn 51 Greybull 27

Pine Bluffs 46 Lusk 43

Rocky Mountain 50 Riverside 13

Wyoming Indian 54 Big Piney 40

Shoshoni at Thermopolis – Cancelled! Shoshoni had a water main break and students have not been in school the past few days, thus they have not been able to practice.

Class 1A:

#1 Lingle-Ft. Laramie 57 Kaycee 40

#3 Little Snake River 53 Farson-Eden 34

#4 Burlington 48 Dubois 17

H.E.M. 35 Guernsey-Sunrise 14

St. Stephens 61 Ten Sleep 38

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