Final Round of the Tyrell-Doyle Wyoming State Open Golf Tournament

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Coming into the final round of the 2014 Tyrell-Doyle Wyoming State Open Golf Tournament. There was a relative unknown at the top of the leader board. A past champion was trying to catch back up to the lead.

Mother Nature had other ideas. Shortly after 1:30pm Sunday the tornado siren sounded and they halted play at the Open. A few minutes after that rain and hail came down in buckets. They waited for the weather to pass before making a decision on the tournament.

The tournament officials got together and decided to call the Open. Pro scores were determined after the 2nd round and some amateurs were the same way. The amateurs who finished a full 18 Sunday were scored for 3 rounds.

Your tournament winner is Collin Pratt with an 11 under par for the two rounds.

Full Results are linked with this story.

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