Mountain West Championships Schedule

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN)- Full Schedule:

Wednesday, May 14
12:00pm Women’s Heptathlon (100 Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put, 200 Meters)
12:30pm Men’s Decathlon (100 Meters, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400 Meters)

Thursday, May 15
12:00pm Men’s Decathlon (110 Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin Throw, 1,500 Meters)
12:30pm Women’s Heptathlon (Long Jump, Javelin, 800 Meters)

Friday, May 16, 2014
Field Events
11:00am Women’s Hammer Trials & Final
12:00pm Women’s Long Jump Trials & Final
12:00pm Men’s Long Jump Trials & Final
1:00pm Men’s Hammer Trials & Final
2:00pm Women’s Pole Vault Finals
2:00pm Men’s High Jump Finals
2:45pm Women’s Discus Trials & Final
4:45pm Men’s Discus Trials & Final

Track Events
1:00pm Women’s Steeplechase Finals
1:20pm Men’s Steeplechase Finals
1:40pm Women’s 1500 Meters Qualifying
1:55pm Men’s 1500 Meters Qualifying
2:10pm Women’s 100 Hurdles Qualifying
2:25pm Men’s 110 Hurdles Qualifying
2:40pm Women’s 400 Meters Qualifying
2:50pm Men’s 400 Meters Qualifying
3:00pm Women’s 100 Meters Qualifying
3:10pm Men’s 100 Meters Qualifying
3:20pm Women’s 800 Meters Qualifying
3:35pm Men’s 800 Meters Qualifying
3:50pm Women’s 400 Hurdles Qualifying
4:05pm Men’s 400 Hurdles Qualifying
4:20pm Women’s 200 Meters Qualifying
4:35pm Men’s 200 Meters Qualifying
4:50pm Women’s 10,000 Meters Finals
5:35pm Men’s 10,000 Meters Finals

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Field Events
12:00pm Women’s Javelin Trials & Final
12:00pm Men’s Shot Put Trials & Final
12:00pm Women’s High Jump Finals
12:30pm Men’s Triple Jump Trials & Final
1:00pm Men’s Pole Vault Finals
1:30pm Women’s Triple Jump Trials & Final
2:00pm Men’s Javelin Trials & Final
2:00pm Women’s Shot Put Trials & Final

Track Events
12:00pm Women’s 4x100 Relay Finals
12:10pm Men’s 4x100 Relay Finals
12:20pm Women’s 1500 Meters Finals
12:30pm Men’s 1500 Meters Finals
12:40pm Women’s 100 Hurdles Finals
12:50pm Men’s 110 Hurdles Finals
1:00pm Women’s 400 Meters Finals
1:10pm Men’s 400 Meters Finals
1:20pm Women’s 100 Meters Finals
1:30pm Men’s 100 Meters Finals
1:40pm Women’s 800 Meters Finals
1:50pm Men’s 800 Meters Finals
2:00pm Women’s 400 Hurdles Finals
2:10pm Men’s 400 Hurdles Finals
2:20pm Women’s 200 Meters Finals
2:30pm Men’s 200 Meters Finals
2:40pm Women’s 5000 Meters Finals
3:05pm Men’s 5000 Meters Finals
3:30pm Women’s 4x400 Relay Finals
3:40pm Men’s 4x400 Relay Finals
4:00pm Awards Ceremony

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