Proposition 1 passes after recount

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) The 6th Penny Special Election is decided. All propositions, except for Props 6 and 7, passed. But one of those Propositions had the had a hiccup in making a decision – Proposition 1 votes had to be recounted.

According to City Clerk Debra Lee, a recount happens when the For and Against votes are within 1% of each other. It means that the votes for and against are so close that legally it needs to be recounted. The recount came up with a change in votes For – though miniscule – from 7129 (posted last night) to 7128 during the recount. However, the results did not change after the recount.

That means, Proposition 1 – a deal asking for $18 million for the construction, add-ons, and remodeling of County and City courts – passes. And yes, it was as close as it sounds. 7128 votes For to 7026 Against – that may be a difference of over a hundred votes, but it’s a tiny .72% difference, which in turn, legally, called for a recount.

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