6th Penny Election, Proposition 2

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - The second of the nine propositions on the 6th Penny Tax ballot is for the Laramie County Detention Center. The $16.1 million dollar proposition will expand the inmate capacity, which is really needed. Right now, there is a major overcrowding issue, especially in the women's wing. The department says the overcrowding is due to the fact that the population of Laramie County and the city of Cheyenne has increased over the past several years, and the detention center could not keep up. Also, the individuals with mental health problems need to be in a different location, and right now, they are not.

The second issue is the lack of much needed administrative space. There are people with offices in what used to be closets. The third is the need for updated infrastructure. Even though the building was build back in 1989, there are things that need to be updated to modern times.

Captain Michael Sorensen says the $16.1 million dollar proposal will mean a much better department, which leads to a much better image in the community. "We hope to continue to provide the services that our citizens expect of us. Part of that is to manage a safe and effective detention center." Sorensen said.