SE Wyoming's Thanksgiving forecast

CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Hello everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving! I have good news in this post for all of you who like comfortable temperatures as we could see multiple days of temperatures in the 60’s for the next week. I can’t even rule out a day or two where Cheyenne might make a run at a record high. This is not a common occurrence this late in the year as we are usually preparing to dig out from the snowstorms that start to pepper the region. But we are in a unique pattern that could be sticking around for a while.

If anyone read my post from last week I talked about a very important teleconnection for our weather called the Pacific North American teleconnection (PNA). Usually when it is in its negative phase, which it currently is, it tends to means colder temperatures in the Western United States. But that hasn’t been the case the past few weeks. Why? Well, currently there is a huge trough concentrated off the West Coast in the Gulf of Alaska and this trough has been steering low pressure systems and cold fronts into the Pacific Northwest northward into Canada.

What effect that has on our weather is that it keeps winds generally out of the west and southwest, which keep the air down sloping and our temperatures warm. Another impact is that Wyoming for the most part, with exception of the mountains, tends to stay pretty dry. We have been locked in this cycle for roughly 3 weeks now since we received 3.5 inches of snow back at the beginning of the month with most weather systems being pushed into Canada. On the flip side for any of you travelling east for the holiday cold and storminess is going to greet you when you arrive so bundle up all you travelers.

So I guess the question all of you are asking is how much longer will this dry and warm weather be sticking around? It’s hard to say since the PNA teleconnection is trending towards flipping to the warm signal, but really it comes down to the trough in the Gulf of Alaska moves from its currents position. If it moves either east or west that would have a major impact on our weather going forward. But models currently have not been suggesting that just yet. So until then enjoy these comfortable temperatures while they last, especially on Thanksgiving, and we’ll just keep waiting for winter to show up! Make sure will all this great weather you get out, and enjoy the Christmas parade on Saturday evening 530 to 7 pm or tune into CBS NewsChannel 5 as we will have full coverage of all the festivities. Temperatures should be in the 50’s for the parade.

- Andrew