Man in court after a date night allegedly turns violent

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - A man with Cheyenne ties was in court today for kidnapping, aggravated assault and strangling.

Strangling to the point of passing out and holding a woman in a restroom...that is what was discussed in court. Judge Nau has decided to move this case to district court. Here's what happened:

A date that allegedly led to strangling...that is what Deputy Grover went through step-by-step in court. On November 11th, Jennifer Williams says she and Oliver Anderson went on a date after breaking up.

After the date, Williams claims she and Anderson got into an argument which led to him dragging her by the hair to the bathroom at his then home in Cheyenne.

Williams didn't meet with Deputy Grover until the 22nd, because she was afraid Anderson would hurt her. She had taken pictures of her wounds.

Williams went to the hospital right after escaping. Deputy Grover says the pictures of Williams' wounds match with her description of the incident .

Though the alleged incident took place in Wyoming, Anderson was arrested in Colorado.