City Council considers locations for the new municipal court building

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - The latest City Council meeting brought out more people than normal and it was all because of an item involving the location of the new municipal court building.

The municipal court is temporarily located at the city building on O'Neil while the new location remains up in the air.

Rocky Case, of Cheyenne City Council, “An RFP was put out a few months ago and there were several respondents to that RFP.”

Six proposals were done on five different locations...Hynds, Mayflower, Teton, the vacant lot on Bent and O'Neil, and the old Z's building.

Proposals looked at four main objectives...usable space, budget, safety, and parking. According to the Site Advisory Committee, the old Z's building is a good match.

One resident says, "I think it would be a fabulous idea. They have the parking across the street. They’ll have a nice, big restaurant across the street. It would bring a lot more foot traffic down here.”

Though some support the old Z's location without further research, others are concerned the decision shouldn't be made just yet.

Case says, “A lot of the other responders, their information was either not brought before the full council or information that was brought before the council was inadequate. Further analysis needs to be done on a couple other locations that weren’t available when the RFP went out.”

The work will continue in determining the new location for the municipal court building.